Sunday, September 13, 2009

by Vera

Spying - by Vera

Crouching here
spying in on the Boys,
I am suddenly counting
how many
days of desert
I've scraped through -
have I worked for them a whole month?

I am raw,
like I've been itching
scratching on a cheese grater,
not trusting Lon
still doing crunches to make sour stomach

Hunkered in the scrub
with a crackling breeze at 6 am,
I spit out bile,
pissed off.

At Lon.
The Boys.
Tilly, Milo, Dempsey especially
the whole frickin mining town,
Carole, the Motherload,
maybe Amy,
yes, Amy.

Pissed off.

At myself.

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