Monday, June 28, 2010

by Lassi

Summah - by Lassi

It's here!
Finals done,
graduation for Ari and Tina,
can't find a job yet -
-oh well-
lolling by the pool by myself
in last year's bikini,
sweet tea,
freshcrunching corn
raw on the cob,
warding off sunsparkles
with a draping hand,
a good book,
a second good book
standing by,
free to gently blend
into the gathering
of chlorine.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

by Ella

Tooth of Lion - by Ella

Nosy bee-ahtch neighbor
and her nasty comments.

She left a note on my car -
- my car!
to say we should be ashamed
of our yard,
the worst on the block,
"at least mow the weeds!"

Well now,
look at this beautiful
gossamer silk puff,
this wistful

Who wouldn't keep such
a gorgeous

And get rid of the neighbor?