Monday, September 28, 2009

by Markus

Breakfast - by Markus

Picking up Su for the morning meet,
and this
is what she was eating.

"You eat rice and soybeans for breakfast?"

She stood back
so I could snap the photo.

"Not always," she said,
elbows out,
swishing her hair into a pony tail.

"Usually rice and vegetables."

She started wolfing it down,
one sneakered foot
facing out from her chair,
ready to run.

"Rice sure is funny breakfast food," I muttered,
leaning on her counter,
Trying to keep my eyes
from the smooth
Asian thigh.

"Yeh," she spat, laughing,
"like the cold anchovy pizza you ate
was breakfast!"

Dumping the edamame skins
in the compost,
Suki flicked a piece of rice
at me,
a tiny sticky smack in the cheek.

She laughed and brushed the grain
from my face,
a cool sweep
on my flush.

"Let's kick their asses today!"
she cheered,
and was out the front door


  1. Yummmmm, edamames! Love this one--both Markus and Suki are very alive, as is their natural chemistry.

  2. Thanks, Jess! I like this one too. So fascinating how voice comes easier in some poems and others are flatter.