Thursday, August 4, 2011

by Tim

Dumbledore's Army - by Tim

What kind of sillyass
juxtapositional oxymoron
is that on Tony's car?

Armies aren't peace.

This whole HP thing
is pretty damn violent,
if you ask me.

Even with elves and wands
and horcruxes
instead of fighter jets.

Even with British accents -
well, look at James Bond.


Even with kickass wizardgirls
with freaky first names.

Okay, Granger was pretty cool.
And Hagrid was a humongous
soft-o-hearted godfather.
And Harry,
he actually pulled it together
at the end.

An army.

because armies are,
I guess.

Fight for peace?
Sounds backwards.

What was the alternative?

I'm in.