Monday, October 11, 2010

by Kevin

GHOULS - by Kevin

Jenner's house.

Pretty impressive,
tp'ing a tree that size.

Thing is,
Jenner's sister Lacey
said she saw
me and Copeland
do it
and told her parents.

But it isn't true.

I didn't do it,
but Copeland was bragging
all over school
that he did.

My name got
added in to the story somehow
but I don't know why

and I can't prove I wasn't
where I really was
at midnight last night

which was
in my room
reading an old MT Anderson novel
by my camping headlamp.

Now I have to apologize
to Jenner's family
and help Copeland
take all that shit down from that huge pine.

I don't even know
if Copeland really did it,
the ghouls are out early
this year.

But I'm pissed at all of them.
The ghouls,
especially Lacey,
who I thought
liked me.
She even gave me a high-five
after football practice

But now she got me
And I'm not allowed
to play football for
two days.

Maybe girls are ghouls.