Monday, June 8, 2009

by Manny & Patricia

Porsche - by Manny & Patricia

"She was hot once."

He invited me here
to talk about another girl?

"The 914. The car."

Hot in the sun, maybe.

Hot like you are now.

Pale teal and lime green -
who knew they'd paint the inside
like that,
where no one can see it?

She's leaning in.
Inspecting the engine compartment.

She's really interested!

And the shadows waving over
the curves inside,
hash marks on the cords.

"You know about electrical stuff?"

What is he talking about?

"The wiring."
She's wrinkling her freckles.
Love that.

"Cool shadow pattern."
I move my hands,
sprinkling lights-and-darks.

What is she talking about?

He's running his work-rough fingers
through his dark hair again.

Hot out here in the driveway.

A halo around him,
the sun at his back.

Wrinkling her freckles at me.
Makes me wanna
take her face
in my hands.

I wonder what those hands
feel like.
On me.


  1. You've captured quite a moment here! Love it!

  2. Thanks, Rebecca! Fascinating to have two sets of thoughts and dialog to deal with. Not saying much but needing to say something.

  3. Teen boys are from Mars, teen girls are from Venus!

  4. I was laughing at my own fascination not with the junked car and what it was, but with the patterns of shadow and the fun colors. Such a girl!

    Of course, had the 914 been in one piece, I would have loved to have driven it...