Monday, June 29, 2009

by Kelsey

Jammin' - by Kelsey

Splatter steamy
poppling pot
blopping sticky
sugary hot.

Ladling jammies
simmering stop.
Cooling jewelies
lids go pop!


  1. I swear I know just what Kelsey looks like from her Jammin' poem! The words you wrote create in my mind this image: Kelsey has a blond pony tail, high on the back of her head, a few freckles across the bridge of her upturned nose. She's average height, a bit overweight, and ooh, so cute the way she bounces through her happy life! Boys think she's cute but don't ask her out. Girls want to hang with her, yet every now and then they get the urge to slug her, because she's just too cutesy!

  2. Wait... you know Kelsey?? Me too!

  3. LOVE this! You should write a poetry book filled with poems like this one for KIDS!!!!!!

  4. Thanks, Lee! Some day I'll collect some of my younger sounding stuff for some younger kid stuff. I appreciate the encouragement!