Monday, May 4, 2009

by Anke

Launch Day - by Anke

Look at all these people
she knows.
All here for her
and maybe for me.

She's overwhelmed
I can tell,
and I think I'm overwhelmed too
I want to hide

or cheer and jump up and down
or throw up
but mostly
I'm grinning
from my spot at the top of the stairs.

We did it.
We are not furniture.


  1. Wow! Chills are still running through me from Anke's poem. Still. And still!


  2. Nope. Not a couch nor a chair. Not a footstool. Not even a chest of drawers that we accidentally stub with a toe, noticing with only a twinge of 'ouch'. You are Anke. You are her, too. A presence most formidable. Beautiful. Talented. And one your way.

    And we love both of you! ~Lee

  3. My goodness, what an emotional time this is, finally my book is truly launched!

    And yes, I cried as I wrote Anke's poem above, and yes, I cry each time I read it again.

  4. Exquisite, Thalia. Just like you. What a deep privilege to be on this leg of the journey with you.

    Ever so much love,
    Mary Hershey

  5. Congratulations, Thalia!!! So proud of you. Enjoy the ride. You deserve this.

  6. She was furniture for too long,
    Silent in the background,
    Pulling away from
    I never noticed
    Never said anything
    Never worried.
    Past it off
    as though
    She was changing,
    And we were growing apart.

    Though grow apart we did.
    And I hate myself
    For letting her go
    In her time of need.

    She left with her mother
    Last summer,
    With only an email
    To say goodbye
    To me.

    The one who should have been her voice.

  7. Anonymous, she is not without voice now. She has moved somewhere good and she has your voice here. Keep using it. You write beautifully!

  8. Wow! Thanks for letting me by a tiny part of this great adventure Thalia/Anke. Love the book, love you! loved the launch party too...chocolate! viognier! :)

  9. Just wanted to say I loved the book and it's staying with me for a while so I can revisit my favourite parts (including racoons, late night studying, volleyball games and the beginings of a crush). Thanks so much for writing it!

  10. I wish I would have remembered to come to your launch. Mary gave me the book and I LOVED it, could not put it down. I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm not a poetry person (though I did go through a Bukowski phase!). But Anke felt so real. She pulled me in from the first page and I couldn't stop reading. Brilliantly done. Congratulations! Can I interview you on my blog??