Monday, May 25, 2009

by Vera

BBQ - by Vera

"Of course you're invited," he said

But Lon is chinking bottles round the grill
with Da Boys,
his back to me,
that wide-stance arms-folded rocking posture
guys all do together.

Oh, he gestured with his elbow
to the cooler of beers,
before sweeping gracefully
back again to the posse.

Hospitality at its shortest.

And sitting alone,
I find to my horror
I'm picking up pebbles and tossing them -
the ultimate in
"I'm Friendless" entertainment.

Time to take off,
before I flounder in the webbing
of his low-slung chair.

I fling one last rock
toward Lon's feet
and saunter away back down-trail,


  1. Ooh, Vera is a cool one, Thal. She's got that no one can f*ck with me veneer.

  2. I saw your interview over on Write About Now. I look forward to reading your book!

    My current WIP is a novel in verse and I'm always excited to find people who share my love for poetry.

    Love the BBQ poem! I've had plenty of those pebble-tossing moments in my life.

  3. Rebecca, hooray for someone else writing a novel in verse! We are still few...

    This poem is from my current WIP, and yes, Aleka, Vera is a tough cookie - which bites her in the butt at times.