Sunday, June 20, 2010

by Ella

Tooth of Lion - by Ella

Nosy bee-ahtch neighbor
and her nasty comments.

She left a note on my car -
- my car!
to say we should be ashamed
of our yard,
the worst on the block,
"at least mow the weeds!"

Well now,
look at this beautiful
gossamer silk puff,
this wistful

Who wouldn't keep such
a gorgeous

And get rid of the neighbor?


  1. We could loan you an old van to park in the front yard.

  2. Hah! Thanks for the offer Wendy - I'd like to take the wheels off and put the van up on blocks, too.

    This is a partially true story, by the way. I did get a note to this effect on my car recently. Apparently my neighbor does not appreciate my Biologically Diverse Pastureland. But she does not have any bees or birds or dragonflies in her toxic yard!

  3. This is the note I would post on your car:
    "I can't help but notice what a lovely, happy, family life you foster and enjoy! I can tell that you have your priorities EXACTLY right! Youth is to be LIVED! Not wasted in weeding, trimming, edging and writing nasty notes! Well done sister!"
    Proud of you Ella!