Sunday, November 8, 2009

by Javier

Last Laugh - by Javier

You taunt me, sukka
from away over there
on the sidewalk.

You think it's funny?
You think I look crazy
with mold and leaking dying juices?
Step closer, sukka.

Step closer, I'll tell you
what it means to laugh
at the only jack-o-lantern
left on the street.


I'll breathe my putrification on you,
you laugh at me.

Your skin starts to peel
your nose will melt down
alongside your mouth,
blackening teeth,
jawbone exposed,
goop running south from your eye sockets...

Alright get outta here
before I bite your ankles.



  1. Whoa. Violent, but I'm intrigued as usual.

  2. A bit of displaced aggression, perhaps?! Javier is not from a nice part of town and he mirrors himself and his environment.