Thursday, April 16, 2009

by Anke

Pub Date - by Anke

It's here.


that hidden life

inside that

each book a block of wood shavings,

until someone opens
even just one

sees me
on just one page.

Page 105,
for instance.

There I am.

In every book.

For everyone to read.

And maybe



  1. Three cheers for you!
    (For who?)
    For you!
    (Why? What did she do?)
    (I thought you knew;
    She wrote a book --
    and it's published!)
    Three cheers for T!
    (For he?)
    (No - SHE!)
    (What did she do?)
    Oh, listen, do!
    I'm talking of you!
    (Of who?)
    OF YOU!
    (I'm sorry, I keep forgetting).
    Well, T was a Girl of Enormous Brain.
    (Just say it again!)
    Of enormous brain -
    (Of enormous what?)
    Well, she ate a lot,
    And I didn't know if she could write or not,
    but despite lots of rot
    she managed to jot
    (She managed to what?)
    to brilliantly jot
    a book that is HOT!
    So now let's give her three hearty cheers
    (So now let's give her three hearty whiches?)
    And hope she'll be writing for years and years
    more books that will bring her good health and good riches!
    Three cheers for you!
    (For who?)
    For YOU -
    Three cheers for T!
    (For ME?)
    For THEE!
    Three cheers for the wonderful writer - that's YOU!
    (Please tell me, somebody - - WHAT DID SHE DO?)

    Congratulations, Thalia and Anke!!!
    With HUGE apologies to A. A. Milne
    xoxo Lee

  2. Three cheers for Tig!
    May your success be Big!
    Love, Craig

  3. Happy Launch Day, Thalia! (and Anke!)

  4. Wow, I can't break into poetry (well, I *could* but nobody wants that), but congratulations on an unique site and voice, and I love the title of your book! And the cool streak in your hair. Best to you!

  5. Thanks for coming by, everyone! I love new journeys...

  6. Hi just to let you know your books Amazon listing shows reviews of 'Breathing', not reviews of your own book. The description is right (sounds interesting by the way, goes on my list) but the reviews are wrong, that's both at the uk and us site, so you might want to contact them.